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Looking back at 2015


Color was the main event in hair for 2015. Bold and beautiful colors were represented in the most unique ways from mermaid hair to tie dye hair. Each color was transformed into something truly special. Adding splashes of glitter and tattoos also became a new and innovative way to express oneself through hair. Elite Daily has a wonderful article portraying each gorgeous style. They also mention that these trends may be here to stay for 2016 as well! So hold on tight and get ready for a wilder and more colorful ride in 2016!

We have a new stylist!

all man shadow            Robert Channelle Specials

Salon Services

shampoo & style for relaxed hair                                  $40
with free deep conditioning

shampoo & style for relaxed hair                                  $50
with demi color

relaxer, style, and demi color                                          $90

free cut with relaxer services


Hair Extension Services

full head                    half head                     1/4 panels

bonding:               $90                                 $50                            $25/panel

interlock:            $200                               $100                                ——–

*interlock sew-in is done without braids and without bonding glue


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4 Ways to Amp Up your Natural Hair Color

No matter your hair color, these tips will help bring out the best in your own natural hair color. Adding fine highlights to your blonde hair will call for natural looking color and less trips to the salon. Adding a touch of copper to your red hair will help keep it shining bright without turning it fiery red.

This article expresses how each different hair color can become amped up by just a single little change. Read the whole article at

Are you looking for something like this for your natural hair color? Just let us know what you would like accomplished and we will make it happen!